Hi there,

I’m glad you stopped by.  Is this my  version of the great American novel?  No… just what’s on my mind.  Sort of  “The Chronicles of the Sandwich Generation”. 

How’d I suddenly get to be in charge of everything ?  I never thought I was the take charge sort of girl .  But that’s what I have to do – its where I am right now.  Parents  on one side, children on another, husband with a demanding career, friends with demanding careers, and the question of  “do I get to have a career?”  provide me with constant questions and choices… and questions about the choices.  At the end of the day, do I have an identity outside of what  these groups expect from me?  Of course I do.  And I intend to find it, explore it, refine it and have fun with it.  Enjoy the ride.

This is my journey to the center of me.  I might be just as surprised by what I find as you are.  Maybe you can relate.  Or, maybe not.  Throughout the process feel free to comment, share an experience, make a suggestion, express a concern, or just say “you go girl!”.

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