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Ever notice how some people seem to have a negative reply to everything?  Enjoy the following story.

A woman was at the salon getting  her hair styled for a big trip to Washington D.C.  She mentioned the trip to her stylist and the following conversation ensued:

Stylist:  Washington D.C.?   Why would anyone go there? It’s so crowded.  Every where you turn, tourists, tourists, and more tourists.  What are you going to do there?
Client:  Visit the monuments, the museums, and hopefully tour the White House.
Stylist:  The White House? (laughing)  It’s not like the president is gonna be there to welcome you with open arms.  So how are you getting to D.C. ?
Client:  We got a great deal on Continental.  When I…
Stylist:  Continental !?!  Continental is a terrible airline.   I’ve had nothing but bad experiences with them.  Lost luggage… late arrivals…  Their fares are so high that even when you get a deal, you’re being robbed blind.  Don’t get me started on the flight attendants.  They treat you like  second class citizens (rolls her eyes).  Anyway, where are you going to stay in Washington?
Client:  There’s this beautiful bed and breakfast at…
Stylist:  You’ve got to be kidding me!  Those small time operations are so cheesy.  I’d take my own linens if I were you.  Couldn’t you find a decent hotel?  Well, it’s D.C. – can’t expect too much.  Only millionaires can afford those fancy places.  Anyway, good luck with this vacation.  You’re gonna need it.

When her hair was finished, the lady tipped her stylist and left the salon.  Somehow she didn’t feel as excited about her trip as she had before…

*  *  *

A month later, the woman returns to the salon for a trim and some highlights.

Stylist:  How was your trip?
Lady:  Wonderful!  Not only were we on a brand new plane,  but it was overbooked… they bumped us up to first class!  Then we stayed at this  fabulous bed and breakfast which had been newly renovated. It was a little paradise. 
Stylist:  How was the White House?  Meet any dignitaries? (snickering derisively)
Lady:  Talk about crazy!  While on the tour, our guide announced that the president would make a brief visit with one of the tour groups.  Who could have guessed that our group would luck out?!  He actually shook my hand and spoke to me!
Stylist:  What did he say?! (suddenly wide-eyed and intrigued)
Lady:  He asked me where I got the lousy hairdo.  Other than that he was most charming.


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Numbers 6:24-26 Health Trip

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