Cookie in the Park

Sunday, March 29, 2009 at 7:00 am Leave a comment

The leaves were in the varying stages of autumn color: yellow, red, green, and brown.  Some were on the trees and many more were on the ground.  The brisk September air gave our cheeks a rosy glow.  We weren’t in sunny Florida anymore.  This was Quebec.
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We came north to see the changing leaves and by golly, we were going to get our money’s worth.  So we headed for the park and went a hikin’.  After following a heavily wooded trail uphill for about 15 minutes, we came to a flat clearing.  The green lawn was interspersed with trees and lots of  leaves on the grass.  The children threw them in the air and at each other.  Perhaps a common activity in northern climes, but this was a real treat for our little band of Floridians.

The shouting , the laughing, the jumping, the tossing of the leaves, and the crisp, cool air made for a delightful experience.  Then, along came Cookie.  Cookie is a black, curly haired puppy who bounded up to the children and joined in their fun.

Cookie and his owners only spoke French, but the laughs and smiles needed no translation.  Seeing how much the kids enjoyed playing with Cookie, his owners were kind enough to put their walk on hold and linger for a while.  Cookie jumped as the kids threw the leaves in the air and at one point nipped my son’s finger through his mitten – no harm done (my son has a history of being nipped.  When feeding the iguanas in St. T homas he suffered the same fate).

We were only passing through and spent but a day in Quebec, but we will always remember Cookie.  Au revoir, Cookie.


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