Thai Smile

Thursday, March 26, 2009 at 1:33 pm Leave a comment

We had  crossed state lines again. Driving from Florida, we finally arrived in Tennessee.  The plan was to visit the Tennessee Aquarium.  I almost nixed this idea in light of the other aquariums we’d seen.   But my husband’s boss insisted that we shouldn’t  miss it.  She was right.  It was fabulous!

We’d been driving for several hours after an over night stay in Atlanta.  So, before the Aquarium, we needed something to eat.  We found parking and set out to explore.  The first place we came upon was TGI Friday’s.  The next was Red Lobster.   How could we travel thousands of miles just to eat in places that exist 10 minutes from our house?  Plus, we don’t do sea food anyway.

We kept walking but couldn’t seem to find anything.  Starvation began to set in.  We decided to turn a couple more corners and if we didn’t find anything after that…there’d be a mad dash back to TGI Friday’s.  Just then we came across Thai Smile.  Thai Smile?!?  What kind of name is that?  Can you expect serious dining from a place called Thai Smile?  Mind you, we’re wearing jeans and t-shirts and looking for a quick lunch before resuming normal “tourist activities”.  What kind of serious dining could we be looking for?

The restaurant was empty.  However, a prominently displyayed newspaper article espousing the establishment’s charm and the chef’s prowess, convinced us to stay (not to mention our tired feet and empty stomachs).   Thai smile it would be.


The place appeared to be deserted –   usually not a good sign.  The menu looked standard.  Several dishes with different names, yet, seemingly identical ingredient lists.  We ordered a few items for family style sharing and waited for our fare.  It was was worth the wait.

The cuisine was amazing.  Each dish was distinctive, delicious, and better than the last.  I’m not sure how to interpret the name, but the food was great.  Go Thai Smile!


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